“Yes, to the opportunities that empower us economically”


“Yes, to the opportunities that empower us economically”

 Ms. Fatemah Ahmad Radwan, 73 years old, from Jordan

Ms. Fatima Ahmed Radwan, aged 73, living in the Sheikh Hussein district of the northern Jordan Valley, has a small home garden which is a source of support for her family economically. This way most of her daily needs with fresh seasonal vegetables come from her garden and sometimes she sells the surplus.

Ms. Fatima said that she was very excited to attend the awareness-raising workshops on the rights of older persons and the economic empowerment, implemented by the National Centre for Human Rights under the "Contribution to the inclusion of older persons in livelihood activities” project, funded by HelpAge International in Jordan. This fact that this took place in Sheikh Hussein district considered as a very rural area where it is desirable to use the small areas of the gardens of the house by planting some vegetable seedlings and packaging and marketing to achieve self-sufficiency of the family was even more appreciated.

Overall these trainings and awareness sessions allowed me to find more useful and easy ways to cultivate new vegetables, including growing beans, coriander, parsley and mushrooms. This has enhanced my ability to improve my garden with less effort and better results by diversifying agricultural products and following the right methods of farming. from this, I have also started to market a lot more, which helped me earn extra income to support my family.

Finally, I feel a lot of energy and vitality from all this and I have realised that we still have the ability to give. Thus, we are very happy to have these opportunities that empower us economically and allow us to meet with our peers and form new relationships. I will continue to attend these workshops because of their positive impact on me as I will encourage all older people in my region to join them.

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