"I will always smile"


"I will always smile"

Mr. Mohamed (Abu-Lyad), 68 years from Jordan

My life was full of achievements; I travelled among many professions, but bus driving was the best for me, because I love driving and I feel very happy when bringing children with disabilities to and from the charitable centre I work for.

I have never stopped working, and I've been trying hard to keep giving all my life long, and despite my 68 years, I can still accomplish a lot ... The life we live is not always easy, it has many difficulties and challenges, but I'm sure that everything we go through makes us stronger and motivates us to achieve more. As long as we have energy and faith, we must continue with a strong determination.

About two months ago, I received an invitation to participate in a series of activities under the project of livelihood activities for elderly Jordanian and Syrians refugees in east Amman, implemented by International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) and funded by Help Age International (HAI). In fact, these meetings had a positive impact on me, as they opened new sources to knowledge and were an opportunity to change my daily routine and create new friendships.

Later, I got to know the members of the group and I heard the challenges they were facing. I felt that such groups are exactly what we need; to relieve the psychological stress we face in finding work opportunities. Together we try to find new ways to live our lives in a more positive and productive way. So I decided to continue attending these sessions to acquire new experience and strengthen the friendships I have created.

These sessions have played a major role in raising awareness among older people about suitable jobs for them and where they can work, as well as identifying strategies that they can apply to alleviate the physical burdens of not finding the appropriate livelihoods. Now, I am all the more determined to continue what I am doing today through this project’s activities; because it also involves vocational training, for those interested. I believe that such activities are very important for the elderly to continue their productivity and engagement. No matter how hard it gets, I will not stop smiling, and I’ll keep spreading the positive energy to everyone around me. I will continue to give as long as I can.

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