Mr. Nasser Farag Ahmad Al-Jamal, 67


After graduating in 1967, my career began. For my source of income, I established my own business that guaranteed me and my family a dignified life. I opened a small maintenance store for sanitary equipment, and this marked the beginning of my work as a plumber, every day from eight in the morning until sunset. Throughout these years I have faced good and bad days. Over the years, the overall work situation has changed as well as the working conditions and I have grown old. However, my enthusiasm for working and giving is still the same. I still work every day and continue to teach this line of work to my relatives, acquaintances and everyone who desires to enter this profession.

After a long hard day at work, I love to visit my small farm, approximately 15 kilometers from my home. I enjoy going alone or with friends and family to relax and spend luxurious hours of entertainment for this is my only form of relief that allows me to reenergize and return to the work that needs to be done. 

Approximately, 2 months ago, I started visiting HelpAge International's Knowledge & Resource Hub. These visits have given me another form of relief, I have been provided with the opportunity to form new relationship and friendships with other older people from my community. Apart from this, the awareness sessions that are provided to us are extremely valuable, useful, and practical. The topics that are presented raise our awareness and increase our knowledge. For example, after the lecture on prescription drugs and the proper usage and side effects, I started to pay closer attention to what I was taking. I no longer take any medicine without proper prescription from a doctor, unlike what I used to do. In addition, the activities organized for older people are useful and exciting, such as the agricultural volunteer day. Such activities revitalize us and break our routine. The opportunity that is given to us, for older people to be able to spend time together, learn, and volunteer gives us a sense of happiness and positivity. 

Giving, charity, and forgiveness are the critical manners that I wish the new generation would acknowledge as a priority. I wish that the new generation is tolerant with itself and others in society and to devote themselves to love and understand others in the shadow of various circumstances and needs in order to make life easier and more beautiful. I never say no to helping anyone in need because it has a good effect on my conscious and others. The real meaning of happiness and the true sense of life is merging taking and giving together, so do not count our age in numbers but rather in how much we give. We often hear the saying, "The world is going" but in my opinion it is us, human beings that are leaving, the world is staying so we must leave the world with a beautiful impact and serve as role models for our children, grandchildren and everyone around us. 


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