"We can give, we are still at the top of the tender"


"We can give, we are still at the top of the tender"

Ms. Najah Al-Rawash, 60 years old, from Jordan


Mrs. Najah al-Rawash spends her day with a regular routine, she is 60 years old, and after completing 30 years of medical work as a nurse, she retired in 2010 to devote herself to the work of home and family.

"As a nurse, I spent most of my time working, and dealing with patients most of the time, and my social relationships were very limited and mostly with the family," said Najah.

During the eight years that followed my retirement, I began to deal with a new routine. I stayed at home and did housework however that often became the most boring thing, especially, since my children now are now all grown up and are working and busy with their own lives.

When I heard about appreciation project, I felt so happy that I could engage in such activities. Activities, that deal with the elderly and allow them to continue the journey of giving. After participating in the activities of the appreciation project that implemented by the network of Arab youth activities (NAYA) and funded by HelpAge International in Jordan, I had the opportunity to make new friendships, since I didn’t have many friends due to the nature of my previous job, in fact, going to these events was such a joy for me and my social life, it felt like I was catching up on the aspects of my life that I missed in in the past.

We often hear from those around us that we are old, and we can no longer do anything. but we are still at the top of giving, able to exchange experiences and greatly serve the community all around us.

The activities of the project give us the spirit of motivation and the opportunity to meet with our peers more. I began wanting to do more and give health awareness sessions to the elderly. The health aspect is one of the most important aspects of our lives. I suggest to NAYA staff the idea of giving such awareness sessions and they loved the idea and encouraged me greatly. Furthermore, I will continue to participate in local community activities and engage more in the community, it is no longer difficult, and everything in our lives only becomes better with appreciation.

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