"We do not choose to be unhappy, however being happy is our choice and only us can make that decision.”


"We do not choose to be unhappy, however being happy is our choice and only us can make that decision.”

Mr. Abdul Rahman Ahmad Khalif, 60 years old, from Syria


There are people who have a certain presence in life, and who do good regardless of circumstances and conditions. Abdul Rahman Ahmad Khalif, told us one of the secrets that prevent from defeating a beaten man.

He was thoughtful as he told us stories from his past, "I worked in Syria at the rank of First Assistant, I was a military officer in all forms of discipline. I spent 34 years in university training. I retired in 2009 medically (because of myocardial infarction)," he said. After my retirement I worked in several jobs, including carpentry, concrete and blacksmithing. All these professions were very harsh, but life is always more difficult. I am the father of 8 children and thanks to the compensation I got after retirement I achieved my dream and built my home in Daraa. However, the pressure of war in Daraa and the arrest of two of my sons forced me to leave the house of my dreams and seek asylum to Jordan in 2012, there is no pain in this life that is equivalent to the loss I have come to face of my children and my dream house.

Zarqa Governorate was my first destination. I had regular flights booked from Jordan to Syria in order to search for my two missing children. I sent a lot of security search parties to find them. Unfortunately, every time I went back I was alone and could not find them. All I could feel was pain, without exaggeration these days were the hardest that I experienced. Nevertheless, everything changed when I first came to the center of NAYA. The black clouds began to fade away a bit, but I had a desire not to mix with anyone because it was hard to talk about my story to others. But after a while, in personal story sessions that NAYA had organized I finally found the courage to tell others my story.

The Appreciation project led by NAYA and funded by HelpAge International Jordan helped bring me back to life and make me smile – something I had forgotten for too long. This project, also helped me start up my livelihood again, helping me feeling like productive person again in society.

Every time I attend a workshop, I take this as a great opportunity and try to learn as much as I can, because honestly all courses and activities have had a positive impact on me. Whether skilled activities such as accessories, soap and detergents, or mentality and awareness or others such as legal clinic and advocacy campaigns have helped turn my life around. Me and other participants are stronger now, and no longer feel lonely and isolated as we did before. I now have friends and that have also become my family, and I have a new dream of hope and love, Overall I am very grateful for the opportunities that the Appreciation project has given me. 


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