"You’re helping us move forward, not backward”


"You’re helping us move forward, not backward


Mrs. Qazaya Ahmad Mohammed Saleh, 78 years old, from Jordan.


Mrs. Qazaya, 78 years old, used to work in harvesting and gardening. After the war of 1967, she began to work in house cleaning as her source of livelihood. She has 6 sons and 5 daughters; two of her sons died and one has a mobility impairment. Mrs. Qazaya says "The condition is deplorable, but we’re surviving”.

“Farming was my hobby and our source of income. I also loved sewing very much. I used to sew clothes and traditional dresses for women, as I used to work in sewing workshops, but I can no longer do that, not since threading a needle has become a difficult task, which forced me to leave sewing.”

“My house was always full of people and visitors: my daughters and sons, but nowadays I spend so much time alone. I have one neighbor who visits me from time to time, but I feel lonely most of the time. There’s no doubt that a person may feel empty, which is how I feel after getting the household chores done, but I keep telling myself that as long as my children are well, then I am too.”

“One day, I received a visit from the home-visits team working in one of the programs of the Institute for Family Health funded by HelpAge International, accompanied by a physiotherapist. They briefed me on the services and activities carried out by the Organization. I was very happy with their visit and how they came to ask about me. The team also invited me to participate in their activities, which I accepted without hesitation. I felt so happy when I attended these activities, especially when I saw how the medical staff spoke with their patients and reassured them. I was able to gain new skills, experiences, and knowledge. I made new friends through the activities and they were very pleasant. We started talking about different things and I’d like to keep in constant contact with them.”

When talking about the activities, Mrs. Qazaya added, “they are very helpful for older people as they have a positive effect on their daily lives. I have become more involved, and whenever I get invited I go immediately after having been busy only with the children and the house chores.”

“I benefited from the physical therapy exercises that the physiotherapist taught me, and I feel so much better when I do them. Currently, I am sticking to the physical therapy exercises I was taught to help me get better. I always make sure to follow the advice of the medical staff on your site.”

Mrs. Qazaya concluded, "You’re helping people move forward, not backward", and said that she encourages the continuation of the project and hopes that it will continue to provide support to people who need it. “This project is important and must continue like in other countries. Our country needs more of these projects, as such activities and events are very crucial for supporting older people and helping them improve and keep going.”

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