Our Partners

National Association for Family Empowerment - NAFE

The National Society for Family Empowerment (NAFE) received a sub-grant in 2019 from HAI to conduct a community-based protection program through: 1. Establishing a data and information management program by collecting disaggregated data for older persons and older people with special needs. 2. Implementation of the integration and participation program - through the participation of older persons and persons with disabilities, by enhancing their capabilities to make decisions related to their lives and enhancing their knowledge to know their rights and providing safe access to protection services and therapy through interactive theatrical activities. Legal protection and PSS activities are a main role in this program. 3. Organizing free health days for older persons with chronic diseases. And the creation of a social interactive platforms program to build the capacity of the older people to participate in awareness campaigns in their communities.

The Solidarity Is Global Institute-SIGI

SIGI is HelpAge International network member in Jordan. SIGI has been instrumental in placing women’s issues on the agenda of decision-makers, parliamentarians, and media. They address older people issues, including violence against older women, publishing articles that have raised awareness of HelpAge International's work on the elimination of violence against Women.

Network for Arab Youth Activities (NAYA)

HelpAge partnered with NAYA in 2018 through a sub-grant which focused on the integration of older persons in livelihood activities. This program also focused on awareness of older persons on their civil and legal rights and provided psychosocial support activities through their community safe space. In 2019, the partnership between NAYA and HAI continued through another sub-grant focused on community-based protection. This current sub-grant focuses on enhancing positive psychosocial coping mechanisms and protection strategies, through the community safe spaces and a multi-layered system of complementary services.

The National Center for Human Rights

The National Center for Human Rights (NCHR) received a sub-grant in 2018 aimed at working towards the securement of sustainable livelihood means for older persons in Irbid Governorate. NCHR implemented their project in a vulnerable remote village, Sheikh Hussein and Al-Mashari Village.

Noor Al Hussein Foundation

Noor Al Hussein Foundation (NHF) started working with HelpAge International in 2017 where we collaborated on joint age demands action campaigns and conducted joint “free health days” for older men and women. Noor Hussein Foundation were also provided with TOT by HelpAge International on age-inclusive interventions and in 2018 received a sub-grant from HAI, to integrate older persons in livelihood activities through advocacy, training, and protection-based activities in order to empower older men and older women.

International Orthodox Christian Charities - IOCC

International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) received a sub-grant from HelpAge in 2018 to expand and re-model its current livelihood programming to be age-inclusive and better support older men and women in livelihood programming.

The creation of this platform was possible through the support of German Humanitarian Assistance, Aktion Deutschland Hilft and NAK-KArITATIV.