Amman, August 18 - The German Foundation for the International Cooperation (GIZ) in cooperation with HelpAge International organized a follow-up informal meeting with all stakeholders involved in the photo competition for older men and women. The participants discussed the fact that this competition further emphasized on the lack of knowledge and understanding of older men and women. The participants recommend the need to continue to advocate and attract attention to the issues of older persons and support age inclusive services and strongly campaign against ageism.

This reflection meeting was held today, Tuesday, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Amman and the final booklet highlighting the photo competition that includes photos and stories of the older men and women was distributed.

At this meeting, all partners: Ministry of Labor, The Ministry of Social Development and National Council for Family Affairs and HelpAge International, in addition to the winners of the contest participants were present.

The meeting  aimed  to shed light on challenges faced by the organizers of the competition and recommendations to emphasize the main goal of such events, which was to see the older people through an  image such as leaders, role models, or storytellers, and they are not passive people. .

The importance of this competition comes within the framework of the partner institutions' efforts to highlight the issues of the older people because they represent an opportunity to repeat this competition and institutionalize it so that it becomes annual within a specific slogan so that it contributes to enhancing the positive images of this category, as  the National Council for Family Affairs, this competition comes within the most important outputs and activities The National Strategy for the older people on the axis of awareness and support for their causes.

The creation of this platform was possible through the support of German Humanitarian Assistance, Aktion Deutschland Hilft and NAK-KArITATIV.