AMMAN, JORDAN (July 30, 2018) -  HelpAge International’s Knowledge and Resources hub organized a training workshop for older people, which was a very big success.

The workshop aims to enhance the awareness of older participants about the advanced and contemporary concepts of advocacy, lobbying and advocacy campaigns and their role in leading the society towards supporting the elderly and providing the participants with the skills to prepare and formulate the strategy and messages of the advocacy campaign.

In addition to provide the participants with the skills of transforming the campaign into a public opinion issue and cooperation of the sectors of society in achieving their objectives and providing them with practical experience and experiences in the evaluation of campaign performance and achieving the objectives of advocacy and how to prepare campaigns well.

This comes from HelpAge International belief that the involvement of older people as key elements in the development process and the investment of their cumulative experience and wisdom in the national renaissance paths are all positively reflected on the community and on the elderly themselves.

Mohammad S Al-zwahreh (trainer), indicated that the group of older people is one of the most important group that should learn new and modern tools such as advocacy, and public debates. He added that he found this focus group of attendees have passion and a great desire for learning, which reflected directly on their interaction during the training session and the implementation of exercises. I hope to continue building the capacity of older people to enable them to reach a better quality of life.

Ms. Mason Sharbaji, one of the participants, pointed to the importance of involving older men and women in such workshops and their need of empowerment in order to enable them to play an effective role in improving laws, regulations and legislation relating to the rights of older persons.

The creation of this platform was possible through the support of German Humanitarian Assistance, Aktion Deutschland Hilft.