AMMAN, JORDAN (January 30, 2019)-  HelpAge International launched a study that examined the older people’s profile in Jordan entitled " The Experiences & Inclusion Risks of Syrian Refugees & Older Jordanians". This occurred during a ceremony organized by "HelpAge International" under the patronages of the Minister of Social Development Basma Ishaqat.

The study examined not only the older people’s profile in Jordan but more specifically, the Experiences & Inclusion Risks of Syrian Refugees & Older Jordanians and was presented In the presence of Mr. Omar Hamza, Secretary General of the Ministry of Social Development, representing the Minister of Social Development and Mr. Bernd Kuzmits representing the German Embassy in Jordan and with the wide participation of civil society organizations, local and national organizations and the private sector.

The study, conducted by HelpAge International in collaboration with iMMAP, aims to help achieve a broader understanding and raise awareness about the risks and experiences of older persons in Jordan, whether they are Jordanian citizens or Syrian refugees. HelpAge International in Jordan has conducted this activity in order to inform partners at the governmental and humanitarian levels of the most important challenges faced by this marginalized group.

The study showed results from older interviews: health risks and access to health services, psychological risks and protection challenges, economic risks faced by older people, the risks of Maoists facing aging, and the water and sanitation risks.

The study was discussed by representatives of the Ministry of Social Development, the Noor Al Hussein Foundation, the Family Health Care Institute, the World Health Organization, the National Council for Family Affairs and HelpAge International. There was extensive discussion about the study and the details that were addressed by the audience and the representative committee.

The concerned authorities recommended a number of recommendations to many concerned parties. The most important of these was the continuation of efforts to promote the rights of older persons in Jordan and to promote policies that support the preservation of their rights, welfare and prioritization and commitment to build more comprehensive government health centers in order to meet the needs of the large number of older people. Additionally, Prioritizing the allocation of government resources to programs that support low income Jordanian citizens, make efforts to combat age discrimination, promote a positive attitude towards older people in society, and begin to integrate older people into is also something that must be taken into consideration. Furthermore, identifying their rights as an important priority in the development of services and the use of human inclusion standards (HIS) in the development of programs to ensure that older persons have equitable access to services and to identify their rights and appropriate channels to share their feedback and develop programs to combat unity and promote community participation of older persons through dialogue with Older persons who care for their younger family members within their family network and recognize the rights of older persons to access and protect humanitarian assistance and ensure that these rights are maintained by providing adequate funding for private work with older persons has also been pushed forward.  While lastly, ensuring that all comprehensive humanitarian programs for all ages are Identifying older people as a value category and allocate funding to meet their needs in particular.

Overall, It is worth to mention that this event is part of the "Leaving no one behind project” funded by the German government through HelpAge International's Knowledge and Resource hub in Jordan, which is keen to implement and support comprehensive sustainability and social cohesion initiatives to enhance adaptive and integration provided by local, national, international, private sector and government organizations.

The creation of this platform was possible through the support of German Humanitarian Assistance, Aktion Deutschland Hilft.