AMMAN, JORDAN (October 01, 2018)-  large group of popular youth and officials launched in the capital Amman Governorate, a community commitment to promote the integration of older men and women in programming and activities and community affairs through “Leave no one behind Project”.

This event took place to celebrate International day of Older People. This special event was led by HelpAge International with both the “First Generation Group of men” and “The Jasmine Group of women” at the knowledge and resources hub in Jabal Al Weibdeh with the broad participation of civil society organizations and the government and private sectors.

The community commitment which was published today at the Knowledge and Resources Hub depicted that the members of the local community, representatives of governmental institutions, international and local organizations and the private sector recognize the fundamental rights of older people (women and men) and the importance of integrating them into programming, activities and community affairs. All pledged to raise awareness on the welfare of older persons to our families in this community, related parties within our social ties including co-workers, and friends on the rights of older people and guide and submit organizations to provide services to older people. highlighting the fundamental idea , to work together hand in hand to maintain the dignity of older men and women and help them to obtain their rights, fight discrimination, and help them overcome poverty "thus leaving no one behind.

the ceremony was aimed at raising awareness of the problems faced by older persons, as well as reviewing what the elderly had accomplished and represented to society.

This event also highlighted that numerous people over 60 are still working and supporting their families to break the negative stereotypes associated with older people and their dependency on others, thus depicting that they can still be advocatesfor change and giving back to the community.

The community commitment was signed by nearly 100 people from civil society, government, private and youth sectors, as well as the local community.

The creation of this platform was possible through the support of German Humanitarian Assistance, Aktion Deutschland Hilft.