AMMAN, JORDAN (April 7, 2019) - In celebration of World Health Day, HelpAge International organized an open health day at Princess Alia High School for Girls in Jabal Al Weibdeh, with the participation of nearly 200 older men and women.

Today's organizers primarily promoted the concept of comprehensive health care for older people and to affirm their rights to access health care whenever they need it. Some health services such as body mass index, osteoporosis, blood pressure, diabetes and blood tests, as well as some free samples and health awareness publications were offered today in cooperation with Al - Weibdeh Health Center, Sepamed Company, Nutrition Company, FINE and Biolab Medical Laboratories.

Mr. Hassan Ghanem from the Jordanian Ministry of Health emphasized the importance of such health activities for the older people and that the ministry is always seeking to promote and develop the field of health care for the older people. He pointed out that the Jordanian Ministry of Health is keen to cooperate with all ministries and institutions concerned with the older people to ensure that the best services are provided for them.

"I am very happy to have such services and facilities available, especially as they give us the opportunity to undertake the necessary medical examinations and tests to check on our health, which is a priority for us, however due to the cost we cannot do them as often as we would like due the many other financial obligations that burden us." Zainab Allal (Syrian refugee).

finally, it is also worth mentioning; that this event is implemented as a part of the " Leaving No One Behind project” activities through HelpAge International’s Knowledge and Resources Hub in Jordan, which is happy to implement and support comprehensive sustainability and social cohesion initiatives for older people and encourage local, national and international organizations, governmental and private sector to do the same.

The creation of this platform was possible through the support of German Humanitarian Assistance, Aktion Deutschland Hilft.