Thursday 28, August 2019-  HelpAge International Knowledge and Resources Hub held elections for the social committee for the older people with the aim of strengthening social ties between the participating members, participating in the development of monthly plans and programs related to the older people, in addition to contributing to the development and support of community issues and trying to influence decision makers in Issues related to them in an way that embodies democracy in its best form

The committee consists of 7 members: 5 representatives of men chosen through the elections that were held, and two women by acclamation. Moreover, the community committee held its first meeting on Tuesday 16 July 2019, in which the committee chairman and vice chairman were elected, and the framework and mechanism of the committee's work were established.

For his part, the head of the "Committee" Safwan Mesmar expressed his happiness at forming the committee that started doing its work, adding that he hoped this committee would reflect the principles that underlie it.

Work was established on creating the committee to value, consolidate and enhance social and friendship ties in a way that reflects positively on the committee's work, the participation of colleagues in their social occasions, creating an atmosphere of social cohesion between working members and participating members, and touching the needs of the local community, especially the older people, participating in setting monthly plans and programs for the community center, the active participation of (the community center) represented by the social committee in affecting change and contributing to the development and support of local community issues, especially the issues of the older people, influencing decision-makers with regard to the older people to make a qualitative shift on the reality of the older people in Jordan commensurate with our potential.

The vision of the “committee” is to achieve the goals and aspirations of the community center in the social inclusion and service of the local community, especially the older people group while adhering to the values, customs and traditions of the Jordanian community, strengthening the organizational role in the activities and works of the community center, absolute belief in the committee’s role in building social and human relations to contribute to improving the current situation for older people.

The election is held among the candidates by direct secret ballot, and by an absolute majority of the committee members. And if no one other than the required number submits the nomination, and the candidates are declared unopposed, the president shall announce the opening and closing of each of the committee’s sessions, conduct discussions, ensure compliance with the provisions of this system, give the right to speak, ask questions and announce decisions, and the Chairman decides on points that have a system, and taking into account the provisions of this system, full control over the conduct of each session and keeping the system in. The chairman may propose to the committee during the discussion of an item specifying the time allowed for speakers, and determining the number of times each member may speak, and the chairman has the right to close the list of speakers or to close the discussion section, the committee determines in every report it submits a decision that it chooses from among its members to present the report to the management, and the chairman in the absence of the decision may appoint a member of the committee to take over, the committee chairman will manage its work, and the vice chairman will replace him in his absence. The committee is only valid if two thirds of its members are present at least , and its decisions are issued by the majority of the members present; each committee sets a timetable for its meetings and it must not be less than two meetings per month, the committee requests the members of the community center to express their opinion to seek advice on any topic that it studies, to adhere to the general and special goals of the hub (within the reasonable and achievable).

The procedures of the work of the “committee” shall be followed by setting its agenda according to the proposal of the chairman and members. For each meeting, a committee shall register a record in which the names of the members present and absent shall be registered, a summary of the discussions and the texts of decisions signed by the committee chairman and the secretary. The committee submits its report to the management on the date determined by the participation of the members and the community center. The committee members determine the priorities of the committee’s work and suggest topics to be presented to the hub in a way that contributes to developing a mechanism for implementing targeted activities and works. The chairman and members meet on a previously determined agenda. The date of the monthly meeting (or what is agreed upon between the committee and the chairman) is determined periodically. The chairman must submit a detailed report after each session to the management of the community center, provided that coordination takes place between the chairman and the coordinator assigned by the management before each session.

The creation of this platform was possible through the support of German Humanitarian Assistance, Aktion Deutschland Hilft and NAK-KArITATIV.