AMMAN, JORDAN (July 30, 2018)- The "Yasmeen Group" is a group of elderly women active in the community through HelpAge International’s knowledge and resources hub which launched the "Basma Amal" initiative to entertain the orphaned children at the knowledge and resources hub in Jabal Al Weibdeh. This was done with the participation of students from the Faculty of Nursing from Al-Zaytoonah University in the presence of the Mukhtar of Jabal Alweibdeh - Engineer Omar Al Faouri.

This initiative came from the women directly who expressed their desire for social responsibility, humanitarian work and to serve as an example to promote the implementation of this type of initiatives and activities to serve the community and promote it in all its segments.

Students of the Faculty of Nursing from Al-Zaytoonah University conducted medical check-ups for children, such as follow-up testing of growth and development and optometry. In addition, many activities and competitions take place   throughout the whole day and brought smile on the faces of the orphans.

Dr. Malika Zuhdi, also working at , Zaytoonah University, for the faculty of Nursing emphasized the importance of such initiatives in the development of society and its positive reflection on the beneficiaries physically, psychologically and mentally.

One of our participants Um Hussein pointed out how pleased she was with the beautiful memories she got from this day full of intergenerational exchanges. She really felt grateful when all the children were around her and listened to her as she told stories to them just like they were all her grandchildren.

Jasmine Women's Group intends to continue to implement such initiatives and organise various activities for orphans.

The creation of this platform was possible through the support of German Humanitarian Assistance, Aktion Deutschland Hilft.