AMMAN, JORDAN (October 15, 2018)- Souriyat Across Borders Society (SAB), in cooperation with HelpAge International knowledge and resources hub, held a four-day training workshop on the art of the Syrian Mosaic with the participation of about 20 elderly men and women at the Society's headquarters in Al-Rasheed suburb in Amman.

The Souriyat Across Borders Society skills development team (H.S.D. TEAM) trained the elderly in addition to providing them with a practical and theoretical explanation of the history and origin of the mosaic art. A variety of mosaic panels were presented in different dimensions to introduce the audience to the art of mosaic and manual work. 

This workshop comes from the belief of the HelpAge International of the importance of such activities in promoting the well-being of the elderly and its positive reflection on their lives, as it allows them to open to the community through these collective activities and contribute to improve their mental health and help them to overcome the pressures of life better.

Mohamed Salama (trainer) said: The best thing I noticed in manual work for the elderly is that it opens the way to their imagination and thus gives them the opportunity to create things. It also helps them get rid of psychological stress and gives them a sense of self-confidence and achieve a kind of happiness in their daily lives.

Dr. Mona Sukkaria, one of the elderly trainees, referred to the importance of such manual work, which turns these stones into a work full of sight and where you can see the results of this transformation in a design that brings happiness, satisfaction and increases self-confidence.

Lastly, it is also worth mentioning; this workshop is implemented as a part of the " Leaving No One Behind project” activities through HelpAge International’s knowledge and resources hub in Jordan, which is keen to implement and support comprehensive sustainability and social cohesion initiatives to enhance the adaptive and comprehensive integration of age provided by local, national and international organizations, private sector organizations and the Government.

The creation of this platform was possible through the support of German Humanitarian Assistance, Aktion Deutschland Hilft.