"We create our own happiness as we march towards it with believing souls"


"We create our own happiness as we march towards it with believing souls"

Mrs. Hanan Hadeeb : 60 years, from Jordan 


The 60-year-old Hanan Hadeeb was very transparent and honest as she began to tell us her story with a sincere smile giving us new hope that life must continue despite everything.

Hanan says that she has spent most of her life working and with family, she studied nursing and worked for the Angels of Mercy for 28 years. Every day of her life, she served as an endless gift to patients. Nursing is all based on human contact and patient’s happiness and satisfaction in these difficult times all depend on the nurse's first and last fulfilment.

In 2009, it was a completely different transition stage, Hanan had difficulty coping with the new reality as she retired from her job. A little later, the illness of her husband, who had a weak heart muscle, increased, and Hanan moved to nursing home until her husband died in 2015. Here the shock was perhaps the most difficult of her life. "I suffered from a lot of time, I felt that it was important to have an independent income in this age that would meet the needs of my family without any intervention or need for anyone. But everything was tasteless and colourless, all people around me were busy with their work and my children with their studies, and I remain mostly alone and that was hard " I always wish and try to find something I could do to change this routine and do something that would kill this free time and loneliness that I’m living in.”

Eventually, I was able to make this change, but I had to make it happen myself. Once I heard about an assessment project carried out by NAYA funded by HelpAge International in Jordan, I participated in its activities and started attending training courses and workshops. The first in the natural detergent industry, I liked the idea a lot and started reading and researching more about the subject so I could develop some new blends and recipes that are totally dependent on replacing all that is chemical with natural materials available at home.

Afterward I transferred my experience through nearly five trainings to more than 60 older people. I was able to really touch and obtain participants interest in making natural shampoos without any preservatives or chemical odours. The interaction and turnout to learn what I do as I receive a lot of calls and inquiries about the details of the manufacture of these natural materials, so I started thinking about the work of a small booklet to distribute and give it to those who request it. With this project in mind I feel that my life is now more valuable. I realized that giving and dedicating my life to others is just as important to fulfil mine.

Perhaps I cannot describe true joy now, but I have breathed something in my soul, something of new hope, and I will remain grateful for these new friendships and useful experiences that have come to us through appreciation project.

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